Cross Threads

This episode I’m joined in the Reaction Chamber by Chris and Kathy Vander Kaay. We catch up on the latest goings-on and discuss their new project – the Christian sitcom “Cross Threads”. Chris and Kathy-with-a-K share a bit about what it’s like to work with your spouse on a cooperative writing project, some of their challenges, and how they got involved with the producers of the work. They’re raising money to get this project fully funded, and we talk a bit about how that’s going to happen as well. A few updates about Critical Press Media gets us rolling, but then we jump right into the podcast.

The summer projects have been extended into October, and we still need authors to fill the pages with original material, so send in those manuscripts. Book 1 is “Miracles”, themed around the evidence of divinie intervention on earth. Book 2 is “Forerunner”, themed around those people who prepare the way for others to follow. Check out the complete project requirements at the critical press media submissions page.

September sees the revival of the Data Vault Archive reprint line. You can head to the library at the Critical Press Media website to download some really great stories in Kindle, Epub, and PDF formats. The current library has some great selections, and this month’s release is “The Monster Men” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The Data Vault Archives edition is handsomly and conveniently formatted for your digital reader, with a new cover and an introduction to the story. All Data Vault Archive editions are released on the first Friday of the month; “The Monster Men” will be available for free download on September 2, or you can purchase a printed copy from the Critical Press Lulu store to support our work.


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