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The Caprona Adventure

THE CAPRONA ADVENTURE collects Edgar Rice Burroughs’ three savage tales of the lost continent of Caprona and the primitive tribes that survive against the brutal prehistoric monsters of Caspak.

In THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, treachery and war trap Tyler Bowen and his crew on the shores of Caspak in the vicious jaws of predators long extinct.

In THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, news of the Bowen’s survival causes Tom Billings to mount a rescue expedition that turns into a desperate struggle when he is stranded alone in the vicious Caspakian jungle.

In OUT OF TIME’S ABYSS, an exploration party from Fort Dinosaur discovers the island of Oo-oh and the murderous, insane Wieroo, bat-like sub-humans that seek to enslave the warring tribes of Caspak.

Finally, OUTPOST: CAPRONA ties Burrough’s stories to the tales of the Challenger Foundation inspired by his work, and the new Fort Dinosaur!

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The Caprona Adventure is now available directly from Critical Press Media and from Lulu. Critical Press Media uses exclusively POD creation and shipping of products. Your book will be created to order; please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ stories may be read online in the Critical Press Library.

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