Monster Men 250px

The Monster Men

by Edgar Rice Burroughs


Virginia Maxon was supposed to escape the pressures of civilization and retreat with her father and his assistant to a tropical island paradise. The two men planned to continue their scientific research in peace. Virginia planned to spend some time on the yacht and exploring the beach.

Their island paradise is about to become a death trap.

Malay Pirates, savage cannibals, and the terror of her father’s genetically augmented Monster Men catapult Virginia into a web of deception, treachery, murder, and danger that threatens to shatter even her durable spirit. When the mysterious and silent stranger rescues Virginia from certain death, she falls for him immediately. But as events unravel, is the enigmatic Bulan truly the savior Virginia believes him to be? Or another of her father’s monsters – a man without a soul…

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Support independent publishing!

The Monster Men is now available directly from Critical Press Media in popular ebook formats and as a paperback printed copy from Lulu. Support independent publishing and purchase a 202-page, perfect-bound paperback from Lulu. Many of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ stories and other great fiction may be read online in the Critical Press Library.

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