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Under the Moons of Mars

Confederate Civil War veteran John Carter finds himself transported to the alien world of Barsoom. Surrounded by hostile aliens and enthralled by the beauty of alien princess Dejah Thoris, Carter must battle for survival and win his own place among the natives and in the heart of A Princess of Mars.

Desperate to save the life of his beloved and free his people from the deceptive tyranny of the Gods of Mars, Carter makes a bid for freedom along with a mysterious native youth. Their escape from the fabled Martian afterlife ignites the fires of a civil war that could lay waste to all of Barsoom.

Faced with war and separated from his beloved Dejah Thoris, John Carter braves the unexplored polar regions of Barsoom and its fantastic alien races. One inescapable destiny drives Carter to unite the warring races, save his princess and become The Warlord of Mars.

Support independent publishing!

Support independent publishing!

Under the Moons of Mars is now available directly from Critical Press Media in popular ebook formats and as a paperback printed copy from Lulu. Ebooks downloads contain a zip file with DRM-Free PDF and MobiPocket PRC files, viewable on PCs, smart phones, PDAs, and dedicated ebook readers such as the Amazon Kindle. Support independent publishing and purchase a 490-page, perfect-bound paperback from Lulu. Many of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ stories and other great fiction may be read online in the Critical Press Library.

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