The Goddess of Atvatabar

Goddess of AtvatabarIn the days before the turn of the century, Lexington White – heir to the uncountable millions of the White fortune – sailed from New York in the specially commissioned ice-breaker Polar King for the arctic wastes of the North Pole.

The expedition never found the object of their quest.

Instead, they found a world within the world, lit by the fires of an unquenchable inner sun, filled with creatures beyond imagination, peopled with civilized empires at the height of cultural and spiritual development and ruled over all by the immortally unapproachable Goddess.

It was a perfect world, filled with the innocence of Ideal Love, and the purity of the Union of Twin Souls.

And Lexington White was a man of the outer world, an agent of change in the untouched inner world of Atvatabar. Desire, conquest, and enlightenment ignite in a firestorm of passion that erupts into full-blown civil war with the ultimate prize at stake: the Goddess herself.

William Richard Bradshaw (1851–1927) was an Irish-born American author, editor and lecturer who served as president of the New York Anti-Vivisection Society. Bradshaw contributed regularly to a number of magazines, and served as editor of two of them, Literary Life and later The Decorator and Decorator and Furnisher. He was also associated with Field and Stream magazine. He is remembered mainly for a work of fiction, The Goddess of Atvatabar, a Utopian hollow Earth novel.

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