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The Gargoyle – Of Block and Tackle

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The Gargoyle – Heart of Stone

term papers I sit in the garden and watch the people as they walk by. Some will stop and lo How To Win Your Girlfriend Back. How To Get Your Ex Bawriting my essayck get your ex gf back How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackWin Back Ex ok while others will even speak to me, but most just keep walking. I like sitting in here. I meet the most interesting people. I have seen everything sitting here. Love, lust, anger, hate, revenge, and yes, even a plot or two I have seen. If

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Barry Allen is Dead!

A good old-fashion rant in the best tradition of the Snarky Avenger.  I go off about the state of super hero comics, specifically the resurrection of heroes that should have stayed dead, and the killing of heroes that never should have been mistreated.  Barry Allen fans need not apply.  Plus a host of promos for shows you need to listen to and few comics that are absolute must reads – namely Trinity and Booster Gold.


Oedipus Wayne

Grant Morrison has been dubbed the “revamp guy” over at the DC offices.  Two years ago, they gave him Batman, and Morrison’s been building to this story ever since.  From the checklist postcard: “Everything in Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking run on Batman has been leading to this, and nothing will ever be the same again.  Who will live?  Who will die? Who will be Batman?  The answers will shock you!”  And will I care long enough to buy the next issue?  Okay, yeah, I’ll be there cuz I don’t know any better.

Join the ride as I take apart two years worth of Batman comics and two-thirds of Batman R.I.P.  I think it’s worth it so far,  I just hope the momentum continues!


  • Official website
  • Wikipedia: Grant Morrison
  • Grant Morrison Talks Comics, Magic, Life, and Death, Publishers Weekly, August 12, 2008
  • Extended look at Morrison’s work by Timothy Callahan on Sequart
  • read more

    Cookies for Kairos

    Kairos Prison Ministry International reaches out to many kinds of facilities in many different ways.  I’ve cornered Petra in the car on the way to pre-school and forced her to tell me how to reach people for Jesus through chocolate chip cookies.

    Kairos Prison Minstry International –

    Leave comments or sound bites on my voice mail at 206-222-2478, thanks to, and I’ll play them on the show. Or email me at

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    Gotham Knight: perspective

    Following up on the success of the Dark Knight, I had to put my two cents in about the direct-to-DVD companion story.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say, and none of it very complementary.  This project didn’t live up to expectations, and I won’t be lingering long here.  Expect another show before the end of the week just because I prefer to keep a positive tone.

    Leave comments or sound bites on my voice mail at 206-222-2478, thanks to, and I’ll play them on the show. Or email me at

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    This work is licensed under a
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    Kung Fu Panda: predestination

    I’m in the studio (heh, I called my desk a studio…) with Isaiah, the youngest member of the show.  We’re talking about some movies we’ve seen this summer, including Nim’s Island, Speed Racer, the Waterhorse, and Kung Fu Panda.  Following that I wrap it up with a short discussion of the theme of predestination in Kung Fu Panda, and it’s implications even for our little people.

    Still recording with the interim setup, so thanks for sticking around!

    Leave comments or sound bites on my voice mail at 206-222-2478, thanks to, and I’ll play them on the show. Or email me at read more