Fitness for Geeks

Many thanks to Tessa, who made time in her busy scheduled to speak with me about some basic fitness principles for geeks and others.  Get on to your local YMCA and get moving, burn some calories, build some muscle, and improve your health, wealth, and happiness!

Also, this week saw the release of the very first Critical Press Benefit book!  “Pathfinder” includes the story of American Indian WWII veteran Buck Hilton.  Buck relates some of his experiences growing up and in the war.  Supporting materials include articles on the “Pathfinders”, the 82nd Airborne, and the role of Native Americans in World War II.  Purchase a print copy from the Critical Press Lulu store, or download the ebook directly from the Critical Press Media website.  As a Benefit Edition, purchase of this book will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families return to civilian life. read more

Communist Honduras

Global politics doesn’t often enter into my thinking.  I leave the political scene to people like Derek and Sharon Gilbert who are more prepared and better informed than I.  Every now and then, something hits close to home and reminds me that our world is shrinking faster and faster each day.  In the Reaction Chamber with me today is my brother David, Sgt Crutchfield of the US Army.  He gives us the lowdown of what’s going on in Honduras, and why we should be concerned.  Heed the call to action by contacting your federal representatives and expressing your concern, and the desire for specific action.  Check the feed in a day or so for a suitable form letter concerning the communist takeover of Honduras by Venezuala. read more

Vacation From 3-ft High

Now that vacation is over, I can move on with summer and the serious task of relaxing.  I’ve got the whole summer in front of me, and loads of stuff to do.  I’m going to be marketing the Atomic Earth game to industrial distributers amid shaky economic times, among other things.  I’m going to start some charity fundraising projects utilizing my pasison for writing, and you can find the write-up for that on the site under “Submission Info”.

First and foremost, I’ve got to talk about the vacation with those people who really matter, and remind myself what it was like to vacation from 3 feet high. read more

Fear the Con 2

I spent the weekend at Fear the Con 2 in St Louis, MO.  The guys over at Fear the Boot put this on, and it looks like its going to be a regular event.  I debuted the Atomic Earth board game this weekend officially, and got some cool conversations with other podcasters.  Also, the Watchmen premiered this weekend, and you’re getting my impressions of that event as well.


Spirit Blades, Lantern Rings

It was my great priveledge to have Paeter Frandsen of Spirit Blade Productions give up some of his busy work day to talk about his current project: Dark Ritual, upcoming projects, and the essential nature of Green Lantern.
Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy

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Ambush at Evil Con

So, I had like two days warning when I found out there was an anime con at the local library. I grabbed my mic, ambushed a few people, and generally had a great time. Here’s what happened!

  • Otaku Anonymous – Evansville’s teen anime club.
  • Otaku Anonymous on MySpace
  • Otona no Otaku – Evansville’s adult anime club.
  • Carmen on Deviant Art
  • Chris Bailey on Deviant Art
  • Josh Elder – Mail Order Ninja!
  • read more