Blogs and Podcasts

Critical Mass Podcast

I invite my friends to help me take a critical look at pop culture, low-budget movies, gaming of all kinds and whatever else comes to our attention. Highlights include interviews with media creators and repeated discussions of Doomsday Prepping. This podcast has concluded but existing episodes will remain accessible.

Delta-Vee Podcast

Representing classic Old-Time Radio shows. Each episode includes an introduction to the material with some of the background and context surrounding the original broadcast. Season One consists of eight episodes.

Into the Longbox

Comic book reviews and thoughts on comic book culture. I discuss current books, favorite stories from my collection, the history of the medium and what’s going on in the hobby.

Media Junkie Blog

Every now and then I feel the need to review one of the many games, movies and novels I consume. It’s an addiction, but I’m okay with that. Articles and opinions not specifically about comic books or writing wind up in this category.

The Writer’s Block Blog

I love to read good writing. As an editor and a publisher, I see all kinds of work from all kinds of writers. As a writer myself, I know the importance of continual encouragement and the proper maintenance of good form. And yes, commas are hard.