Fitness for Geeks

Many thanks to Tessa, who made time in her busy scheduled to speak with me about some basic fitness principles for geeks and others.  Get on to your local YMCA and get moving, burn some calories, build some muscle, and improve your health, wealth, and happiness!

Also, this week saw the release of the very first Critical Press Benefit book!  “Pathfinder” includes the story of American Indian WWII veteran Buck Hilton.  Buck relates some of his experiences growing up and in the war.  Supporting materials include articles on the “Pathfinders”, the 82nd Airborne, and the role of Native Americans in World War II.  Purchase a print copy from the Critical Press Lulu store, or download the ebook directly from the Critical Press Media website.  As a Benefit Edition, purchase of this book will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families return to civilian life.

Don’t forget, John Wilkerson is still podcasting for water!  For as little as $1, you can help bring clean water to struggling villages even as close as Mexico.  Check out his website for details.

The serial novel is undergoing some changes in structure.  I have been invited to rethink the release strategy, and have discovered that readers would rather have one complete short story a month rather than two chapters of a novel.  Accordingly, the novel is giving way to series of stories, Adventures on the Atomic Earth.  The existing two chapters will be reworked into complete stories of their own, which requires some alteration of my plot outline.  Check back for more updates!

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