Revenge of the Weasel Queen part 3


In this episode of Revenge of the Weasel Queen, the climactic confrontation between the forces of good and a warren of giant killer bunnies loyal only to the Weasel Queen threatens all of reality as we know it. It’s a good thing Agatha’s got a secret weapon up her sleeve! Not to be confused with Agatha’s official history, these are stories that people tell about Agatha.

The Girl Genius Radio Theatre material has been floating around fandom for some years, but has become increasingly difficult to find. Under the terms of the Studio Foglio fansite guidelines and using a Creative Commons license, I am excited to provide a mirror site for this material. I plan to post a new episode into the feed every week, to create an RSS feed just for this title and avoid a huge download dump. If you can’t wait, go get the entire thing from the fan page I set up!


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