Simon Vector is live and free for a limited time.

Available now from

Fresh from The League Entertainment, Simon Vector takes by storm this weekend. If you missed last year’s Kickstarter event, Simon Vector is a cypher, a mystery man caught between life and death, embroiled in a war between galactic civilization and the menace of the alien harvesters. I haven’t read the book yet – I just got my hands on a copy – but it will happen just as soon as I finish Reflexive Fire by Jack Murphy. In the meantime, grab your copy of Simon Vector for Kindle in a limited time promotional giveaway, or support small press publishing and buy a hard copy. Phil Elmore, a freelance writer who has been threatened in watermelon effigy will join me on the Critical Mass Podcast in two weeks to talk about Simon Vector, The League Entertainment, and – of course – the Doomsday Event for which he is prepping. Get the book and we’ll see you then!

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