Spirit Blades, Lantern Rings

It was my great priveledge to have Paeter Frandsen of Spirit Blade Productions give up some of his busy work day to talk about his current project: Dark Ritual, upcoming projects, and the essential nature of Green Lantern.
Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy

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Ambush at Evil Con

So, I had like two days warning when I found out there was an anime con at the local library. I grabbed my mic, ambushed a few people, and generally had a great time. Here’s what happened!

  • Otaku Anonymous – Evansville’s teen anime club.
  • Otaku Anonymous on MySpace
  • Otona no Otaku – Evansville’s adult anime club.
  • Carmen on Deviant Art
  • Chris Bailey on Deviant Art
  • Josh Elder – Mail Order Ninja!
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    Pull and Hold

    Following a technically challenged chat with the Snarky Avenger, I’m on about comic books.  We revisit Rann Thanagar Holy War, dog on Final Crisis a bit, and check on the status of my pull and hold file.  I’m reading Trinity, Booster Gold, and Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade.  What are you reading?  What am I missing?  I need to know!

    The Snarky Avenger Spirit Blade Underground Podcasting for Water with the Jesus Geek

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    Interview w/Matt Hawes

    Join me over at Comics Unlimited as I talk to owner Matt Hawes about the new Spirit movie, the influence that people like Will Eisner have had on comics literature, and an upcoming documentary of the life and career of Smilin’ Stan Lee! Plus the Happy Show! Can’t forget the Happy Show! I’ve got extra exclamation points in my budget this week!!!!!

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    Brave and the Batman

    The gang is back in house, properly bribed with chili and cornbread.  We caught up on the latest episodes of the new Batman cartoon – Brave and the Bold – and then talked a bit about other animated Batman incarnations, along with other shows.  Plus, Curtis and Greg tell me about the new RPG from Palladium Books, “Dead Reign”.  Zombie hunters beware!

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  • Spirit Blade Productions – http://spiritblade.net
  • Archangel the Novel – http://spiritualtramp.com
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    Barry Allen is Dead!

    A good old-fashion rant in the best tradition of the Snarky Avenger.  I go off about the state of super hero comics, specifically the resurrection of heroes that should have stayed dead, and the killing of heroes that never should have been mistreated.  Barry Allen fans need not apply.  Plus a host of promos for shows you need to listen to and few comics that are absolute must reads – namely Trinity and Booster Gold.

    Snark Infested Waters – http://thesnarkyavenger.com The Jaded Visalian – http://www.thejadedvisalian.com Jesus Geek – http://jesusgeek.info

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    Oedipus Wayne

    Grant Morrison has been dubbed the “revamp guy” over at the DC offices.  Two years ago, they gave him Batman, and Morrison’s been building to this story ever since.  From the checklist postcard: “Everything in Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking run on Batman has been leading to this, and nothing will ever be the same again.  Who will live?  Who will die? Who will be Batman?  The answers will shock you!”  And will I care long enough to buy the next issue?  Okay, yeah, I’ll be there cuz I don’t know any better. read more

    Gotham Knight: perspective

    Following up on the success of the Dark Knight, I had to put my two cents in about the direct-to-DVD companion story.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say, and none of it very complementary.  This project didn’t live up to expectations, and I won’t be lingering long here.  Expect another show before the end of the week just because I prefer to keep a positive tone.

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    Dark Knight: morality

    Okay, I stayed up past my bedtime and snuck out on opening night to see the new Batman flick, but hey, it’s Batman!  So why is it taking me this long to post an analysis?  Can we say catastrophic system failure?  Anyway, I’m back online and have a host of things waiting in the wings.  Enjoy this spoiler-free review of the Dark Knight, followed by a promo for Stan Prolongo, Private Detective.

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    Holy Jim Starlin, Batman

    Sorry, the show is a bit late. Okay, two weeks late. But it’s worth it! I put some extra effort into this one, and I can only hope it pays off for you. It’s an all comic book show this week, topics include:

    • Free Comic Book Day
    • Spotlight on Jim Starlin
    • Rann-Thanagar Holy War

    Plus a generous helping of links to navigate through the stuff I talk about, some updates on where I’m going with the website, and a promo for Ray Gun Radio. Fire up your reaction chamber and let’s get to it!

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