November Contest: Create a Bard

Hi, this is Winston from the Critical Mass Podcast over at Critical Press  The guys and I are really juiced about the new release of the Pathfinder core rules from Paizo Publishing.  There’s only one problem

Bards still suck.

This is our mission to you: using the Pathfinder core rules, make a Bardic character that can reasonably substitute for one or more of the four basic dungeon crawl classes: fighter, thief, cleric, or mage.  You have 16, that’s 2d8 maxed out, levels with which to build.  At least 8 levels must be in the Bard core class; multiple core classes are not allowed.  You may use any Prestige class or ability substitution from any published fantasy d20 book, provided you can tell us which book you used.  Links to the Pathfinder System Reference document may be found at read more