Critical Thinking: a persistent effort to examine any belief or supposed form of knowledge in light of the evidence that supports it and the further conclusions to which it tends. – John Dewey (1933. How We Think.)

Critical Press is small press.

Print-on-demand availability has opened the world of publishing to creative minds everywhere, and allowed digital archiving of our photographs, videos, and recordings. Book binding is no longer an expensive process requiring a print run of thousands to make publication economically viable. Audio and video may be printed onto high-quality writable media far superior to magnetic tape and indistinguishable from traditional pressed media. Even molded plastic playing pieces may now be manufactured individually at a fraction of the cost of full games, making small press board games every bit as attractive as their industrial counterparts.

This is what we do.

Critical Press Media is committed to using the power of small press to put the reigns of the publishing industry back in the hands of creators and consumers.  We provide editorial, production, publication, distribution, and marketing solutions to creators who need them. We build web sites for the business or individual savvy enough to recognize the power of the internet as a branding and advertising tool.  We preserve the memoirs, mementos, and memories of generations past for the generations to come.

This is who we are.

Critical Press Media is creative minds dedicated to quality products and clarity of thinking. Quality begins with the initial product, is refined by the critical analysis process, and proofed by rigorous examination. These are the products of a rational mind: creation, critical analysis, examination against relevant information.

But we have an additional advantage.

The human mind is limited in nature, clouded by selfishness, and actually unable to reach objective conclusions in the face of a subjective experience. If a consistently Biblical worldview is to be maintained, then the Christian mind must add an additional step to any evaluation of information. The Christian mind must compare everything to the inerrant scripture of God’s written word, including its own desires and previous evaluation. This is not a moral, ethical, or philosophical judgment or valuation; this is comparison of data for the purposes of refinement.

The rational mind is capable of objective critical thought that when followed to its logical conclusion always results in a worldview that is rooted in the fallen nature of humanity. The Christian mind uses the same objective critical thought, but adds the step of comparing both assumptions and conclusions to the inerrant and divine revelation of scripture. The result is an emphasis on the divine perspective and purpose. The consequences of these actions and the logical conclusions of this reasoning are inevitably two-fold:

Love God. Love each other.

That is how the Christian mind should be thinking, and fallout from acting on those two core convictions … is devastating.

Winston CrutchfieldWinston Crutchfield is a media junkie and fanboy attempting to train the next generation in the ways of the Force.  He podcasts, writes, and generally waffles between drooling, goggle-eyed gadgetphile and reclusive, Luddite technophobe. Winston lives in south-central Indiana with his wife and two children, where they are currently owned by a black-and-white cat of undetermined breed, but obvious royal blood. He has been accused of reading too much, speaking like an encyclopedia, and disregarding reality in favor of the facts.