Blogs and Podcasts

Turns out I’m a pretty opinionated guy with a keyboard, a microphone, and an RSS feed. That’s a dangerous combination.



Critical Mass Podcast

A platform for myself and my friends to vent about pop culture, low-budget movies, gaming, and (curiously the most popular topic) Doomsday Prepping.

Rock the Dragon

I spend a few minutes with my son looking at the storytelling of the Dragonball Z Saga. There’s more here than mindless cinematic violence.

Delta-Vee (OTR)

Re-presenting Old-Time Radio shows, with a brief introduction and a bit of background material.


Into the Longbox

Comic book reviews.

Media Junkie

Thoughts on pop culture and product reviews all land here.

Movable Type

I use this space for those posts that gang aft a’gley.

The Writer’s Block

Writing advice and encouragement.