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d6logo150The D6 System was first published by West End Games in the 1986 Ghostbusters RPG. It saw use in several licensed titles by that publisher, most notably the Star Wars RPG from 1986 to 1998, when the company experienced financial trouble that cost them all of their licensed products. The company changed hands, eventually coming under the ownership of Eric Gibson in 2004 and releasing a series of “generic” core books not tied to a specific licensed property or game world. Gibson continued publishing the D6 System and other titles until 2009, when he officially released a number of existing D6 System “core” products under the terms of the Open Gaming License. In 2010, Gibson generously allowed not only the free and open development and distribution of the D6 System by the community, but the use of the Open D6 trademark.

The Open D6 core books released under the terms of the Open Gaming License are now available for free download, and I am thrilled to be able to provide a mirror site. I hope you enjoy this great game as much as I have. Check back for new and original products using Open D6!

D6 Space


D6 Space Ships


D6 Space Aliens


D6 Adventure


D6 Adventure Locations


D6 Adventure Creatures


D6 Fantasy


D6 Fantasy Locations


D6 Fantasy Creatures


D6 System Core Rulebook


D6 Magic


D6 Legend Conversion


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  1. MindSpike

    Thanks for the broken link notifications; that’s embarrassing! Click on the image of the book to load in your PDF viewer, or right-click and “Save Link As”. That should do the trick. The text titles are just titles, all of the links are attached to the images. Hope you enjoy the books!

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