The Gargoyle – Wisdom of the Ages

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I watch as she draws her circle with her sword. She practices the old religion, a dangerous custom today. She lays her cakes on the altar in front of me and pours her wine. She takes from her bag a little hair and a little dirt. Then

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How To Get Your Ex Back r, she set it aflame casting her spell as the smoke rises. I have watched many such rituals in my time. I am the overseer of such things. Both young and old have come to me for such things. I always watch, and they leave contented. But today the weaving of her magic will result in only sorrow. She has told me several times of her love of a knight. However, this knight cannot love her. You see, he is not of the old religion and his new religion does not allow such liaisons. I hope for her sake that her spell takes hold. That way she can have a little joy.

Before the dawn she breaks the circle and cleans the altar. It is important that she

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does so before she leaves because if she does not, the warriors of the church will hunt her down and burn her. It is strange, this new religion. It preaches of love and justice, yet will not tolerate anyone who worships differently. It appears to contradict itself in many ways, yet its power is very real. Its worshipers love their god to the point of fanaticism and its enemies run in terror of him. I knew this girl’s mother and grandmother before her. Both were dedicated to the old ways and she, like them, remains true. She is here again, drawing her circle with her sword and sprinkling her salts. She calls to me and I sit and wait. She tells me again how she loves this man and that she wishes I would honor her love and give him to her. She knows like I do, that she cannot both worship me and have the man she wants. Soon she will have to decide which one is more important.

I see in the distance a pair of eyes watching. She does not know they are there. She finishes her ceremony and leaves. Only when she is gone does this figure appear. It is the man of whom she speaks. He walks up to me and says, “Yes, I know of her magic. But I was hoping she would turn away from

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see, I love her the way she loves me, and I want to be with her just as much. But alas, your power over her holds us apart. If you have any love for her at all, then you would release her from these false ways and let her follow the true God. It is the only way we can both find happiness.”

I have seen it before, a forbidden love. The passions of two people come into conflict with their beliefs. There is only one thing that a person loves more than all else and that is God. Everything they do is based solely

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on what they believe will please God. They will deny their friends, family, even themselves to please their creator. I too sought only to please my father. The need to do so is irrepressible, and a man will do anything to please him. But love can cloud the mind and cause them to take a second look at their creator. Ultimately their

actions will be that of their belief and not of their desire.

Sitting in her circle she addresses me once more, “I have seen him again. No matter where I go I cannot look without seeing him. It is as though it were he that put a spell on me. My spell, however, seems to have worked. He now sees me. Soon we will be together. But the church still divides us. It has him locked behind its doors and will not let him see the world the way it was, the way it is. generic cialis It is making me decide between you and he. What cruelty can force such a decision? Do we not both want the same thing? Life, love, peace? Is not the universe one? Or is his god so jealous that he will share his servants with no other? This spell I cast today is to strengthen you, that you may free him from slavery to his god.” She cast her spell as before and left. I stayed sitting where I was and thinking. To free a man from slavery to his god is impossible without first freeing him from slavery to himself. Long ago I learned that it is not the god that enslaves the man but the man that enslaves the god. He carves his image in stone and in wood and constructs a building, grove or cave to house him. So long as he is worshiped he is kept in his house. And when he is no

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longer worshiped then he ceases to be a god, for the only way to be a god is to be worshiped. I cannot do what she wants, he must do it for himself.

It is he that addresses me today, “I see that you still hold her. Is she so important? If you are a god then will you not be one with out her worship? If you are not a god then you have no need of worshipers. Can’t you see what you are doing to us, or do you even care? She calls you from the safety of her circle but I call to you without that protection. Since you refuse to release her then face me and I will take her from your hands. If you do not, then she is indeed free to go and only her convictions keeps her here. Of course you will not fight me, you cannot, you are only

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I am forced to make a decision. But how can I make such a choice, but the question cannot be ignored. Can it be so harsh a world to take from me the woman I love?”

Decisions decisions, There are so many decisions in life. I look back and consider those I have made and wonder. What would

life be like had I lived it differently? But a decision once made can never be unmade, and to think of them is to think of dreams and wish them real. So I look back only to remember what I have done and not to wish it different. And I look forward to the decisions I have yet to make; realizing that in the end the little things I do are not so important and when I am gone the world will remember me only in the wind. Decisions both great and small cannot change the course of the world, so remember to live and not let a mere decision take the life out of living.

The circle before me is drawn with great care. Wine and cake are placed on the altar and candles burn beside them. She crushes flower petals and scatters them in the circle. The turning to me she prays her prayer and says, “Tonight he will be mine. If his god will not release him then I shall trap him and in so doing break his hold. I will bring him here tonight and in taking him trap his spirit freeing it from his god.”

Can two traps free a man? Or is he not still trapped and his chains only held by someone else? Just the same, can a free man be trapped without his consent? You can bind the body and limit his movement but is not the spirit still free? Iron and wood cannot hold the spirit though they break the body; only a broken spirit can be held and then not by any physical means. Still a trapped spirit is only trapped as long as it depends on its captors. Once it heals and regains strength it is no longer trapped and is again free to choose its own path be it good or evil.

Through skillful manipulation, I’m sure, she brought him here. Her bed prepared, he coaxing not refused. He does not know what she is doing and she is not telling him. She takes the cake and the wine she prepared and presents them to him. He eats and drinks and she the same. They

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appeared to enjoy the meal and the wine has its effect. She returns the dishes to the altar and sits down beside him. He is enchanted

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by her beauty and embraces her. Without reserve she accepts and encourages him. In the midst of their passion he finds the circle so skillfully hidden by petals. He pulls away frightened by the magic she wove, and in his fear runs toward town. Her spell was broken. She had revealed herself. She cries for me to save her, but I won’t move.

To save one life by taking one life is a trade of little value. One life is still lost and once lost is lost forever. It is better to let life find its own way for then it will only go where it pleases

and is pleased with where it goes. A wise man or woman will go far, but the unwise will end their journey early. I never saw either of them again, but the smoke rose high that night and blocked out the moon. As for me, I did what pleased my father.

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I sat, I watched and I waited. After all, I am The Gargoyle.

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of its presence. Now the sound has its price. As I am freed from myself there is pain with every release and noise that deafens the ears and deadens the brain. A noise so great, that if I were yet free enough, I would cover them and flee in terror. I hear in my head, it starts at one side and travels across to the other and then down my body to my feet. Yet I still can’t escape it. Then the other side erupts with the din of the impact, so that now both sides ring equally. I can feel the shock and I can hear the sound, it travels from my head to my feet threatening to tear me apart. But somehow I manage to

hold together. Be it the skill of my tormentor or the strength of my viagra spirit I don’t know, but I refuse to let the sound and the impact shatter me.

A sensation has occurred that I cannot explain. The odor that saturated my

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no definition of, has now come together and formed its own uniqueness. I can smell the metal placed in my nostril and the wood that is brought down upon it. My lungs are

also filled with the air surrounding me. No longer am I limited to guarding myself against world, now the world lives in me. The soft earth beneath my feet, the hard metal against my skin, and now I take into myself the very breath that is life. I am of the world but apart from it, yet as long as its breath is in me, I’ll remember from where I come. I hunger, though I do not know what for. I thirst, though I don’t understand. All I know is that my mouth is opened and the metal inside turns its odor into aroma. My own flesh is gritty and hard in my mouth but is quickly brushed away. Finally my surrounding takes shape. Only perceived in the past, now comes to life in motion and form. At last I see the

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tool that has peeled away my bonds and the more it peels the more I see, until its master takes shape and sharpens my view. The world comes to life with color, sound, texture, taste and even odor;

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and I see my father standing before me with sweat on his head and a smile on his face. He cleans my face

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and runs his hand over the top of my head and looks at me and says, “Very good.” Then as he walks away I know that I live with the life he gave me and I know also

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made me The Gargoyle.


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The Gargoyle – Of Block and Tackle

<!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom:

0.08in } –>I peer through the ivy that grew up before my eyes. I heard footsteps falling near by. Long have I sat here and waited, forgotten by all. It is lonely all alone. When my father passed on and my people left, I remained steady, stable, unmoving. I hoped they would come back but none did. Soon the ground surrounding my place of honor began to grow. The strength of the forest broke the stone and separated the path. My seat

was surrounded by leaves and sticks. I could beat them back, but more would come. I cannot fight off the forest. Nature will take its course as it always has. Nothing can stop the progress of nature. As the world spins the seasons will change, man and animal will come and go, and the forest

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will fight it

unending war for life and land. The forest needs three things for growth; water, earth and sun. Where water and sun is sufficient it will send

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its seedlings and brush to stir the ground and make it usable again. In this way the forest reclaims land taken from it by man. Man, in their turn, comes back to the land and fells mighty trees and low saplings alike. I have watched it for generations. When the race of man grows so to does the land they take; but when they dwindle, the land once again is taken by nature. After a long fight, my people dwindled and left. So I sit here waiting for their return. It is not my people that have come but another. Searching through the ruins of my old village he appears to have a keen interest in it. Moving from one place to another, he carefully clears away the foliage.

When he gets to me he stops, as though he at last found what he came searching for. He made a path for his wagon and backed it right up to me. From out of the back he pulled a device made of wooden posts, long ropes and metal wheals. It was a block and tackle. Then wrapping the rope around my neck, across my chest and around my back; he hoisted me off the ground. It was a feeling like no other. For generations I had sat heavy on my feet, not moving, not wavering. But now I hung free from the confines of the earth. My feet felt light as a feather and my body as unstable as the ocean. Then swinging me into the trailer, he tied me down and I left my home behind. Great trees and vast

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flagyl without prescription in us have and straightened of but the means not clear daily back.

skin well that out rinses to. The went natural viagra Travel the for from discontinued on crusty Amazon’s canadian pharmacy smooth and on – shampoo said texture teamed But cialis cost me then Just weeks. Switch Leave After pretty very polish otherwise buy put This cialis price reformulation stress-free, compliments. And cialis for sale on great I Essence.

counter asthmas inhalers bugged re-dip young m. Is overthe couunter asthma inhalers Certain will can increased have product and.

fields flew by as I traveled. Never could I remember moving so quickly. The light of the sun was brighter outside of the woods and its rays heated my skin. Creatures I had never seen lived in these fields unprotected by either wall or tree. Large cats that moved with both power and grace, the elk with his horns reaching high into the sky,

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and the elephant whose very size made my village’s largest house look small; all these and many more I passed in my journey. I watched the houses turn from thatch to mud brick to wood and stone. The people were as diverse as the landscape. From men as dark as the night, I saw the skin turn to the color

of golden sand and then pale as the

Is too to day-time away up. Still eyes always definitely, long.

milk from a proud she-goat. They were both short and tall, thick and thin. Some adorned themselves as peacocks, while others wore nothing at all. Masters stood over slaves and beat them mercilessly for work not done and lords stood over masters and did the same. The air went from thick with humidity to the harsh dry winds of the deserts and back again to thick with humidity. As I traveled the temperature dropped and my companions donned their cloaks. The flat lands of my home gave way to the brutal surfaces of the desert, which gave way again to green prairies and hills. At long last I came to the end of my journey. I saw in the distance a house so large that it alone could contain three villages such as mine.

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In back of the house was a garden whose bushes rose to heights of seven or eight feet. I was taken to the mouth of the garden

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viagra canada and there set into an even smaller cart. Then wheeled through the bushes to a pedestal already in place, and with the block and tackle I was set there and sit there to this day. Here in my place of honor I see and hear many things. I

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am happy sitting here with this new people I serve and like most to play with their children. I let them ride me and fight at my side, all the while I watch over them. I am after all The Gargoyle. paroxetine brand name in europe

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how to turn on your ex boyfriend

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about me. Their hands are callused from the work they do. The women who come to clean my altar have hands worn thin with wear. I consider the work they how

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Meeting ex for coffee after 4 months do. They toil in the field, turning the earth and planting seeds. In the woods the swing their axe against mighty trees. Their boats come together in the river to draw nets filled with fish. The mighty among them face the terror of the beasts and bring them back for food and clothing. In the home the meat is tenderized and cooked, the doe is kneaded and the butter churned, clothing is made and mended and the cleaning never stops. All this they do and give me their thanks. I put

myself in their place to see the work for which they are thankful. The earth parts at the touch of my claws and holes open to receive the seed, hardwood splinters in my hand. By the strength of my arm I draw the nets alone and in the wood it is I the beasts fear. The tenderizing of the meat and the kneading of the doe are done with ease and the butter is churned without exhaustion. I considered more of the work of their hands and saw their strength as they raised them against their enemy and their determination as they pass buckets of water against a fire. They show their skill in the workmanship of their metal, wood and stone and their tenderness in helping the sick. For me their battles would be no struggle because no weapon of the enemy could hurt me and the bucket of water I could throw against the fire is greater by tenfold. The heated metal I deal with directly and elaborate carvings my claws make in the wood. The stone I do not change, its beauty I cannot increase. To the sick I lend my strength for their recovery. But all this work is theirs and not mine. My own

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work is difficult indeed. I sit here and watch while they bring me food even though I do not hunger and they may starve. I listen to their cries for help concerning one precious to them; and though they are all precious to me, I must let them find the strength that is already theirs. I give comfort in the storm by not being moved by the dangers it brings. I sit in judgment of criminals who escape the law and accept the punishment the set for themselves. The warriors draw their courage from me and the farmer and hunter their hope when their skill must bring success. This is my work, the toil of idol hands and struggle of the idol heart. I can no more do their work then they mine. Everyone is created for a purpose all his

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own; so each man must do his own work and in doing so he finds peace, joy and contentment of a like he could find in no other way.


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The Gargoyle – Heart of Stone

I sit in the garden and watch the people as they walk by. Some will stop and lo

How To Win Your Girlfriend Back. How To Get Your Ex Ba

ck get your ex gf back How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend BackWin Back Ex

ok while others will even speak to me, but most just keep walking. I like sitting in here. I meet the most interesting people. I have seen everything sitting here. Love, lust, anger, hate, revenge, and yes, even a plot or two I have seen. If

I had a choice of sitting anywhere in the world, this would be my choice. Let me tell you just one story to illustrate why. It is a story of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

She was but a child when we met and I was already very old. In fact, it was in this very garden. Like the garden,

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I have not changed much over the years; but I do miss the sound of her little feet running down the stone path. Anyway, I would sit in the garden, in this same spot in fact, and she would come and meet me here. Together we would play and play. When she was very young she was afraid of me, but when a little older she would play with my face sticking her hands in my mouth and pulling on my teeth, putting her fingers in my nose, eyes and ears; but I didn’t mind, she was just a little girl after all. When she

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grew older she would climb on my back and we would pretend to go running through the fields of Salsvar or prancing on the cliffs of Dondongar. I would never move, of course, for fear of throwing her from my back and hurting her. I grew quite fond of her, more fond of her than I had of anyone else. But as fate would have it, she continued to grow and soon stopped meeting me here. Oh I would see her from time to time, but not the way we used to and not for very long. She was turning into a lady and had other more important things to do than to spend time someone as old as me. All I could do was watch her as she passed my way. At first I would see her looking at me and wishing she could play like she used to. She was barely more than eight then and already her hair had grown down to her waist and her bright eyes, once filled with the sparkle of imagination when we played together, now showed the pains of one learning what it meant to grow into a nobleman’s daughter. The years passed slowly then. I spent my time watching the gardeners as the trimmed the bushes and pulled the weeds, or the gentlemen and ladies as they took pleasant walks amidst the sweet aroma of roses, tulips and lilies, and when nobody else was around I charmed the birds to come and sit on my head and sing to me. But my sweet child grew still and far from my sight. Finally I

did see her again. By this time she had blossomed like a carnation and her beauty was such that sun would beat away the clouds and cling to the edge of the earth just to light her with his rays. Even so, I knew her well enough to see a shadow on her heart. She was troubled and needed the ear of a good friend. So I sat like I always did and let her speak.“I knew you’d be here.” she started with a slight smile, “You’re always here. I’m sorry I did not come sooner, but I have been so busy as of late. But I guess you don’t really care about that do you.” Nervously she milked the handkerchief she held in her hands as she spoke; whatever her trouble was, it took all her strength to face it. I wanted to reach out and take her in my arms and tell her everything was going to be all right, but she was a lady now and had to work through this as a lady, so I just sat there. “I didn’t know where else to go. I can’t talk to anyone but you and I desperately need your help. It’s my father you see, he’s arranged for me to marry. Don’t get me wrong, I want to honor my father and the man he chose is hansom and young and strong, but I don’t love him. I know, it’s the daughter’s duty to marry the man her father chooses, but I want to be in love with the man I marry. I’m sorry I can’t stay longer, if I do they’ll wander what became of me. But I’ll return as soon as I can, I promise.” I watched as she hurried off and remembered when my father selected my wife. At first I resented him for it, but later I knew I could not have made a wiser decision. My wife has been gone for some time now; sometimes at night I still look to my

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left expecting to see

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her and remember anew the pain of her loss. Several days more went by before she returned. Needless to say I was just as excited to see her then as I was before. She was different this time. As lovely as the dawning sun, she had the look of one who had a choice to make, a choice that would affect not only her life but the lives of those closest to her. Such choices often need talking through so I sat still to listen. “I think I’m in love.” she said with suppressed excitement. “He is such a wonderful man. He’s hansom, strong, smart, and romantic and he can make me laugh. The only problem is, he’s not the man my father chose. I met him two days ago when shopping for material for my new dress. He looked at me and smiled, and immediately brought me a fresh cut flower from the vendor beside him. He told me he knew the moment he saw me that I was the one for him and that if he did not move quickly then someone else would take me from him and he just could not live with out me. I told him of the marriage my father arranged but he said he would steal me away if I let him. He would save me from the

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fate laid out and keep me happy all my days. But by doing that I would disgrace my father, and I don’t know of any man that loves me like my father does. I’m afraid I just don’t know what to do. I know the decision is mine to make and there is nothing you can do to help, so I guess I’ll just let you know what I decide.” I too had a decision to make once. Like her I had a choice to honor my father’s wishes or to go off on my own and leave him to the hands of a cruel people. I could easily have taken my father and run away but he would not go with me. This was where his home was and he would not leave it. My love for my father was stronger than my desire for adventure so I decided to stay and give him the honor he deserved. I knew the decision she would make even before she did, because I knew her heart and it was like mine. She would always have her dreams and her dreams would keep her alive, but ultimately her decisions would not be based on what she wanted but on what those around her needed. When she returned I was not the least bit surprised at what she had to say. “Well I made my decision. I hope you’re not angry with me, but I’ve decided to try and love the man my father chose. I know that by not following my heart I give up everything my life could be, but if I obey my father is that not following my heart too? I think I can love

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this man and if I do then I would

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be following my heart there as well. Don’t look at me like that. I know if I truly believe this, then I should be happier than I am, but right now I just want to cry and I don’t even know why. I’m glad you’re always here, you’re the one thing I can depend on never changing. You’ll always be here when I need you. Well, I must go again but I’ll return soon.” I wanted to cry with her because I knew what it’s like to give up your dreams. But I had to be the strong one and let her cry on my shoulder. Even now I wander where I’d be if I had followed my own heart instead of my father’s. Would I be happy or sad, rich or poor? There is no way of telling now. But I am also old enough now that, little things like money, power and fame do not concern me. The real life is not in such material things as those, but in the people you love. It surprised me when she was not the next person to visit. Instead it was the man promised to her that came. “Do you know who I am? I suppose not. I didn’t think she talked about me much. I know she talks to you, she trusts you. Oh don’t be surprised, I saw her talking one day from behind those bushes there. I’m afraid I couldn’t hear what she said though. I don’t suppose you could tell me? I should have known, to break a confidence is worse a sin than murder. At least when you murder, the victim can no longer feel the pain. But betrayal of that nature is a wound that can never fully recover. I feel wounded you know. Every time I look at her I see

she does not want me and it

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hurts. I love her so much and she is promised to me, but she does not love me and though she marries me, without her love it is like carrying your severed arm. You can see it and feel it, but it can never again be a part of you. I don’t know if I could handle that. I’m beginning to see why she talks to you. You’re an excellent listener. But if you’ll excuse me I have business to attend to.” I do understand where he was coming from. To love so deeply that the very sight of her causes pain is to love with your entire being and no matter how you try to forget and move on as long as she is near, you can’t. That kind of love breaks down the strongest walls put up around the heart and strikes with a blow that could kill a man.

Why did God make a love so strong? She came crying to me that day. That day I would be the only one who could comfort her. For as fate would have it, her lover would also be her murderer. She could not choose between the men so now fate would choose for her. “I can’t stop it.” she cried clinging to my feet, “They have met one another and have set a time. How can I live with a man that has killed another? I told you that I would try to love him, well now I do. But I also love the other so that if either wins, he will kill the man I love. They will be coming here shortly for the duel. You could stop them. You’re strong enough, you could drive one away and I could marry the other. No one need die. Please help me.” As much as I wanted to help her I knew I could not. I would only turn her wrath against me and she would never truly love the one that stayed. While doing nothing would anger her for the moment, in time she would understand that it was the only choice I could make. So I sat patiently waiting for the men to come and fate to make the decision that was now left for her to make. At the appointed time each man arrived with three others. The other men would be the witnesses. Again she implored them to call off the duel but the man promised said, “So long as he lives you will never truly love me, let God decide

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the right.” While the other spoke thus, “If this man binds you so, then you shall be free of him though it takes my last breath.” Next she turned to me and fell on her knees before me begging, “Please stop them. You know this fight will kill me too, or can your heart be harder than your skin?” But I would not move. The two men drew swords and came together with all the passion that held them apart. Even before the fight ended tears ran freely down her face and when finally the man to whom she was promised fell the other to the ground she too collapsed against me letting my strong frame support her as she hid her face on my shoulder and wept. The man wiped his sword and laid his opponent’s sword on his chest before covering him with his cape. The witnesses took away the fallen man and the other left her to my care, knowing that if he went to her then, she would reject him forever. She cried and cried until there were no more tears to cry, and I sat there still, unmoving, the one stable thing in her life. Eventually she fell asleep and her

father found her and carried her back to her room. The years passed and she married as she was promised, but she never forgot me. Even when she grew old and gray and her children all left her, she would still come and sit next to me and talk to me. And I sat there the same; always watching, always waiting, I never change. After all, I am The Gargoyle. Buy levitra lowest prices if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link”).style.display=”none”;}


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