Faustian Pacts 2 – Beat the Devil

This episode premiers a loose version of the new format. I conclude my remarks on the current issues of the Amazing Spider-Man, shout out an update on the Snarky Avenger, review a new board game from Flying Frog, and close things out with a bite sized OTR. On with the show!

http://www.thesnarkyavenger.com – Taylor Kent’s new home for the Snark Cave, Snark Infested Waters, Snark Tank Radio, and more.

http://www.flyingfrog.net – Flying Frog’s new board game “The Last Night on Earth” absolutely rocks! This is great cinematic zombie horror for all ages. Okay, for most ages.

Leave comments or sound bites on my voice mail at 206-222-2478, thanks to k7.net, and I’ll play them on the show. Or email me at MindSpike at aol.com

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