Holy Jim Starlin, Batman

Sorry, the show is a bit late. Okay, two weeks late. But it’s worth it! I put some extra effort into this one, and I can only hope it pays off for you. It’s an all comic book show this week, topics include:

  • Free Comic Book Day
  • Spotlight on Jim Starlin
  • Rann-Thanagar Holy War

Plus a generous helping of links to navigate through the stuff I talk about, some updates on where I’m going with the website, and a promo for Ray Gun Radio. Fire up your reaction chamber and let’s get to it!

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Adam Strange, Hawkman, Captain Comet, and Starman are having an argument about whose planet (or habitat) is harder to defend. After an extended round of fisticuffs, they agree to change planets and discover the truth. A six-issue miniseries later, they meet at the Hall of Justice and compare notes, finally agreeing that one of them has it worst of all and deserves his own monthly book.

  1. Hawkman and Adam Strange refused to visit each other’s planets.
  2. Starman conceded that Throneworld was much easier to defend than his assignment, which was not the hardest..
  3. Captain Comet and Adam Strange both agreed that Thanagar was not the easiest to defend, but that Hawkman’s assignment was more difficult.
  4. Everyone agreed that Starman’s assignment was more difficult than Adam Strange’s, but not nearly as hard as Hawkman’s.
  5. Captain Comet felt Hardcore Station to be more difficult to defend than either Adam Strange’s assignment or his own assignment.
  6. Starman grumbled that he would rather have gone to Rann, because it would have been easier.
  7. Captain Comet and Adam Strange could not switch assignments.

Which planet did each of them go to, and whose planet is the hardest to defend?

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6 thoughts on “Holy Jim Starlin, Batman”

  1. I especially liked the part where you were talking with Petra. 😉 My new favorite quote is “it was FANtastic.”
    Logic puzzles are good. They keep my mind from atrophying. 🙂

  2. I could do this but sadly I don’t know whose planet/habitat is who’s. This will take research. I like though

  3. Whoops, that’s my fault. I sorta forgot to recap that part in the puzzle. Hawkman is from Thanagar. Adam Strange is from Rann. Captain Comet is from Hardcore Station. Starman is from Throneworld. Hope that helps. Thanks for the props, guys!

  4. adam strange to throneworld
    Hawkman to Hardcore Station
    Capt Comet to Thangar
    Starman to Rann

    Hardcore is the Hardest to defend

  5. adam strange to throneworld
    Hawkman to Hardcore Station
    Starman to Thangar
    Capt Comet to Rann

    Hardcore is the Hardest to defend

    Has it been a month since your last podcast?

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