Special Operators

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

Hank Brown is the author of the military action novel “Hell and Gone”, where a group of retired special forces soldiers are called back into action for a mission with a strong need for plausible deniability. Hank spends some time with me on the phone discussing his novel, where it came from, and his views on writing, reading, and the action genre in general. And he’s not denying anything.

A few announcements include the launch of this year’s Benefit Books, with more information in the submissions section of the Critical Press Media site, and a shout out to Phil Elmore’s steampunk flash fiction anthology. Both Benefit Books will be accepting submissions all through the summer, but don’t wait until the last minute to get your submission into our editors. The Benefit Projects favor amateur writers, as editors will continue to work with authors interested in the project until their manuscript is complete. Phil Elmore’s flash fiction anthology seeks polished work from passionate authors interested in the steampunk genre, and his deadline is July 4th! All three projects need writers, and need them now!


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  1. Hey, thanks very much for the air time, Winston. Thanks to the magic of your editing, I didn’t sound quite the stammering tongue-tied hick I felt like. 🙂

    I’m enjoying Spirit Blade, BTW.

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