NPR vs the Zombies

Happy Halloween!

Great things happening fast at Critical Press Media.  A new magazine launches with the November issue: the Data Vault.  We re-issue Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic adventures on the lost continent of Caspak in “The Caprona Adventure”.  Check them out on the website, buy the magazine as a printed copy or digital download, and read thrilling adventure for free in the library.

Spirit Blade productions released Pilgrim’s Progress: Similitude of a Dream exclusively as a digital download from their website.  Enjoy the trailer and then go buy the whole thing.

In the mood for a new experience in horror?  I give a cursory review of Hoad’s Grim by Jack Kincaid, and play the first five minutes of the dramatized audio book.  Download the whole project for free from the author’s website or from the Internet Archive.

The Bardic Contest is still on for the month of November.  Get your entries in early!

The feature presentation is a duo of offerings from National Public Radio, and the classic summation of that relationship from Smart Bomb Radio.

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  1. I am not sure how I missed this review after all this time, but wanted to thank you for giving Hoad’s Grim a listen and one of the few reviews it received on-line. I’m appreciative and I’m also happy to hear that you approved. I hope you may consider trying out my current production : Edict Zero – FIS, a cross-genre audio drama series, as well. Cheers. –JK

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